Grand Finale
We are closing down after 50 years

Brass and Woodwind

We offer a selection of ’starter’ and intermediate level instruments. For example:
  • Clarinets start at £199.00 with then we move up to the Trevor James range and then on to Yamaha with the intermediate YCL450 and beyond.
  • Flutes from £159, including the highly regarded Yamaha YFL211 up to the Yamaha YFL311. We also stock the Yamaha YPC32 Piccolo. In addition, we can obtain any Pearl, and Jupiter Flutes.
  • Trumpets start at £209.00 with the Odyssey up to the Yamaha intermediate.YTR4335. We also stock Yamaha cornet YCR-2330II
  • The alto saxophone remains highly popular with all age groups and we offer models from a starter outfit at £380.00 to the Yamaha YAS275.
The above represents a brief summary of our comprehensive stock. We are able to order the model of your choice from Yamaha, Trevor James, Pearl, Jupiter, Odyssey and from nearly all other suppliers.

Providing professional and friendly service with comprehensive after sales support since 1965