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School Recorders

Many parents recall the days when they played the descant recorder and most of them owned an Aulos with a yellow bag! The good news is that the same Aulos model 205A (complete with yellow bag!) is still available and is still one of our best selling instruments at £15.99.

We are also pleased to offer the Yamaha 300 series similarly priced at £18.49. Schools often recommend these two models. We stock the whole ‘family’ of Aulos recorders consisting of descants from £8.99, treble, tenor, bass, sopranino and garkleine. We stock a limited number of Yamaha Trebles but can order anything from their range.

Wooden Recorders

Customers sometimes ask for a wooden recorder and in response we stock Moeck descant recorders from £27.95 to £74.

Wooden recorders require more care and maintenance but you will be rewarded with the genuine sound of the recorder as it was in the days when ‘flute’ meant ‘recorder’.

Recorder Music

Naturally you will find many recorder tuition books in our Printed Music Department. We aim to keep the most popular tuition books used in schools.

You will also find music for the more adventurous and accomplished recorder player :

Looking After Your Recorder

Plastic recorders do not need so much care as wooden recorders but they will still perform better if cleaned through after playing. It is essential to remove excess moisture from the inside of wooden recorders after a playing session.

Recorder Speak

There are various names given to the different sizes of recorder and this can cause confusion at times. Following is some of the things we often explain to customers in the shop (so now you can come already informed):

Type Length Range Comments
Descant 32cm Lowest note C Also called a soprano. This is the recorder we all started on at school
Treble 48cm Lowest note F A treble recorder is also known as an alto. A treble recorder uses the same fingering system but gives a different set of notes to the descant recorder.
Tenor 64cm Lowest note C If you have learned the descant recorder you can easily turn your hand to the tenor recorder. The same fingering as the descant gives the same notes but sounding an octave lower. If your child is learning the descant in school, this is an ideal instrument for you as a parent to play along with.
Bass - Lowest note F -
Sopranino 25cm Lowest note F -
Garkleine 16cm Lowest note C -

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