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The Shop

We specialise in helping to steer music students and their parents through the maze of what, for a lot of people, can be a confusing world especially if it’s your first experience of musical instruments.

We stock many tried and tested starter instruments and kits at very reasonable prices to help you get started with your first instrument.

For instance: We stock violin outfits by Stentor, Yamaha, Cremona, Zeller and others.  (Traditional and in a range of colours), outfits include a case, a bow, straps for the case and rosin.  Stentor student I and II outfits have been used by educational establishments for years and have stood the test of time.  We stock outfits from full size down to 1/16th size and we can help you choose the right size instrument for your child.

We also keep starter outfits for violas by Stentor, Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes and, Trumpets by Trevor James and Yamaha, all with cases and cleaning materials etc where appropriate.

Guitar kits: Electric bass, electric lead, acoustic, electro-acoustic and classical.

Kits vary but include items such as: Guitar, case, strap (where applicable), lead (where applicable), amplifiers (not for acoustic, classical or electro-acoustic), tuner, spare strings, instructions and tutor listings.

We then have a range of steps up for most instruments moving right up to professional standard instruments.

We can obtain instruments from a very wide range of suppliers in addition to those mentioned above.

We keep a comprehensive list of local teachers for most instruments.

We also offer 10% student discount upon production of a valid student ID card.

We sell a range of accessories

We sell a range of accessories

Providing professional and friendly service with comprehensive after sales support since 1965